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Why You Should Consider Downsizing Your Home


If you find that there is more space in your home than you know what to do with, it may be time to downsize! As big (ironically) as that change can feel, the benefits may far outweigh the stresses—simplifying your property and the decrease in maintenance and cost are worthwhile aspects to recognize in your consideration of a housing change.

Encourages You to Simplify

Less space usually requires less stuff—and the less stuff you have to worry about, the easier it is to organize and keep track of all you own. Be honest with yourself about what you truly want, need, and use. Get rid of clutter, of the things you haven’t looked at or thought about in years, and anything that doesn’t serve a helpful purpose (allowing, of course, that maybe that purpose is sentimental value!) You may be surprised at how relieving it is to clean out all the unnecessary items taking up space in your storage, especially because it lets you take a mental inventory of your property! Sell, donate, or trash what you don’t need, and your space will feel much less overwhelmed.

Less Home Maintenance

Smaller homes require much less upkeep. Because there is less area to affect, damages or potential problems are much fewer. Chores like cleaning and lawn care take a fraction of the time they do in big homes with big yards. For example, a larger home makes it much more difficult to find pest infestations because there is more area for insects to nest in. Home repairs are also less likely with a smaller, simplified structure. If maintenance feels like a hassle that never ends, a smaller property may be a solution that will grant you some relief.

Lower Cost, Lower Bills, Lower Stress

Logically, smaller homes cost less than larger ones within the same housing market. Not only can that easily save you some money, the overall living expenses that come with a living space—water, gas, electricity, AC or heat, insurance—are also significantly less. You can save considerable amounts of money every month, just by downsizing the amount of space that requires water, heat, electricity, etc. You can count on lower bills, which in turn decreases the potential for accumulating debt, (which would hopefully mean lower stress, as well!)

Consider making your living space simpler, easier, and more cost efficient by downsizing! It may be exactly the move you need to get to feeling more comfortable in your own home.

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