Why You Need Time to Prepare for a Wedding


Most brides give themselves about a year to plan their wedding if their situation allows. As nice as a quick, spur-of-the-moment wedding might seem, you really do need a lot of time to prepare for your wedding. 

Here are a few reasons why you should give yourself sufficient time to prepare for your wedding.

Give Guests Notice

First, giving yourself a year of planning time will give you plenty of time to give your guests notice of your wedding. Especially if your guests are going to have to travel a long distance to attend your wedding, you need to give them months of advance notice so they can make accommodations. This is even more important when you’re having a destination wedding that will require your guests to make travel arrangements to another country. 

The less time you give your guests to plan to attend your wedding, the more likely they will decide not to attend. Sending out a “save the date” announcement can help if your wedding invitations aren’t ready to be mailed yet. 

Make Yourself Look Good

You’ll also want to give yourself a lot of preparation time for your wedding so you can make sure that you’re looking your best for your big day. 

Some brides like to lose weight in preparation for their wedding, and if you want to do so sustainably and healthily, you’ll need more than just a few months of dieting. You’ll also want months of notice so you can take care of your skin, nails, and hair. Proper skin care begins months before the wedding day

Find the Right Vendors

Finally, you’ll want to give yourself at least a year of wedding planning so you can find the right vendors for your wedding. Most wedding vendors are usually booked out months in advance. They might even be booked out a year in advance, depending on their work area. Planning a last-minute wedding will only cause you to end up with expensive fees and less-than-ideal vendors. Giving yourself sufficient time to research options and book the vendors you love will help your wedding day be successful and stress-free. 

So, if you’ve just gotten engaged and you’re trying to pick a date for your wedding, keep this advice in mind. Remember that you need around a year of planning to give your guests notice, make yourself look good, and find the right vendors. Even though you might want to get married immediately, taking the time to plan will help you to end up with the wedding of your dreams.

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