Why Life After Divorce Is More Complicated Than You Think


Divorce is never easy, but unfortunately, it’s often even more complicated than most people realize. Separating your life from someone with whom you’ve been intertwined for years — perhaps decades — affects all aspects of your existence in ways that you may not have even considered. In order to help you deal with your altered situation, let’s consider a few ways in which divorce can be even more complicated than you think.

Finances Get Messy

There are many complicated factors when it comes to separating your finances from your ex-spouse, and it’s far more complex than simply splitting the checking account. There may be physical assets which must be disposed of, often whether you want to or not. Retirement accounts, stocks and bonds or other investments have to be equitably divided, sometimes by formulas so complex that legal intervention is required. In addition, there’s more to it than just splitting assets. You may also have to split future obligations such as how much you will each contribute to your children’s college accounts.

You Have to Be Careful With the Kids

Divorce is often harder on the children than anyone else. This occurs for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s a massive disruption to their lives, and it can be devastating to lose regular access to a beloved parent. Kids are also very likely to blame themselves, even if they had nothing to do with the divorce. Other factors must be considered as well. Visitation challenges can put whole new strains on everyone involved, and travelling internationally with kids is an especial challenge since you may have to factor in child visitation and court orders.

Establishing a New Residence is Challenging

Moving is tough under the best of circumstances, but when the move comes after a divorce, it gets even harder. You have to select a new residence, furnish it and make sure that you leave enough room for your kids if you have any. Children, of course, complicate these matters further. Moving may be a necessity, but the transition can be very psychologically painful. Do everything you can to put a positive spin on it.

Divorces are complicated and difficult, but you can go through them with empathy and care if you are able to keep the thoughts and feelings of others in mind. After the separation, try to remember that the person on the other side has a point of view, and always keep your kids at the forefront of your mind. This will go a long way toward minimizing the emotional damage of a divorce.

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