Why Don’t We Have Driverless Cars Yet?


Why Don’t We Have Driverless Cars Yet?

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Decades ago, we thought we were already on our way to flying cars. While that hasn’t happened yet, some driverless car prototypes are already being tested by various companies. However, despite a means of production, they aren’t on the market yet. There are a few reasons why we made need to keep waiting for this vehicular revolution.

People Aren’t Ready

Driving ourselves everywhere gives us some measure and feeling of control over the journey. It can be difficult to give this up and put your life in the hands of a computer chip. Based on a survey of thousands of people across 20 countries, there is some evidence that as of now, most people do not want to ride in a fully automated car. Public trust in self-driving vehicles has waned as accidents involving them have received widespread press coverage and pointed to various safety issues. For now, people prefer to keep their hands on the wheels themselves.

Laws Aren’t Ready

Even if the vast majority of public opinion was in support of self-driving cars right now, it wouldn’t address the issue of laws. In fact, it is possible that self-driving vehicles will be ready for more widespread production before we have all the new laws in place that we might need to cover them. One of the main issues surrounding this is the nature of lawsuits and determining the party or parties responsible for paying them. 

Florida just passed laws to allow driverless cars on the road. For now, there are still legal limits and an assumption that a human being is sitting in the driver’s seat. Our system will need to craft laws that address faults in the case of lawsuits where a self-driving car hits a manual one or where two autonomous cars collide with each other. In any case, the laws will need to state whether the rider or the manufacturer is at fault. Each law will include particular conditions applied to the different scenarios, and all of this work takes time to figure out.

We Need More Focus on Safety Features

Self-driving vehicles are convenient, but putting the spotlight on their various safety features could go a long way toward changing public perception. Special sensors in some of these cars scan the area continuously and don’t lose focus, unlike a driver that might be in a heightened emotional state. Human error also tends to cause the majority of road accidents.

Driverless cars are a source of untapped potential that could expand similar markets such as public transportation and make things easier for whole cities of people. However, our current regulations need to catch up with new technology. In addition, people must be able to trust that the technology won’t cause them to get into a car accident before we will see widespread use.

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