Which US Presidents Were Most Popular? These are the Top Presidents — Ranked


In 2017, cable network C-SPAN polled 91 historians in order to rank every single president of the United States based on a series of determining factors. These factors included how the presidents tackled international relations, relations with Congress, and setting an agenda for the country, as well as such other factors as how well they acted during times of crisis, the levels of moral authority they presided with, and their abilities at persuading the public. So, who were the most popular presidents?

We have chosen the top 25 presidents from the list; join us as we count down to No. 1 and see who is regarded as the greatest president. Former President Barack Obama appears on the list for the first time this year since he left office. Since Trump is still in office, he won’t be appearing, but someday it’ll be interesting to see where C-SPAN ranks him.

So look through our gallery to find out who the top 25 most popular presidents are, and make sure you SHARE with your friends!

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