What You Need to Worry About Most When Designing Your Home


Designing your custom home is a dream come true for many people. Not only are you free to build on the land you want with the view and in the neighborhood you want, but you’re also free to now design your home to your liking and to your own specifications.

If you haven’t started building yet, you’ll soon find out that there are literally thousands of decisions that you’ll need to make about your custom design. It can be overwhelming to even know where to start. Here’s a few key areas that you’ll need to have decided early on in the home-building process.

Structural Integrity

Every home should have a solid foundation. The foundation of a home is forever – or at least, for the lifetime of the house. Because foundations aren’t subject to renovations or touch-up projects, it’s of paramount importance that it gets done right.

A good foundation isn’t just about holding up your house. Having a proper foundation laid will help keep out moisture, helps with insulation, and will keep the house steady. So it’s something that you’ll need to take seriously.

Weather Resistance

Whatever climate you’re building in, you’ll need to think about the region’s weather patterns as you’re designing your home. If you’re designing in a hotter climate, for example, you may want to keep the house one-story, since heat rises. If you’re in a colder place – you’ll want to be looking for roofs designed to handle snow, for example.

And don’t forget about the small things, like your driveway. Driveways are more resistant to damage with proper sealcoating. You’ll want to add in all the recommended weather-proofing measures you can.

Insulation, Heating, and Cooling

Along those same lines, you’ll want to think about insulating, heating , and cooling designs right from the get-go. It’s no secret that poorly designed homes can make insulation difficult, and even if you’re not the type to worry about higher-than-normal utility bills, it’s still worth doing a cost-benefit analysis to see how much money poor insulation can cost you over time. Plus, a well-designed home will likely have a higher resale value.

The process of designing your dream home is an incredible privilege, and one that may only come around once in a lifetime. As tempting as it may be to get caught up in the more exciting details such as bedroom and bathroom layouts, paying close attention to the more foundational aspects of your design will ensure a safe and lasting build.

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