What You Need to Get Better Sleep Every Night


Sleep is nebulous right now. Between the time changes, pollen, and, well, a global pandemic, stress is heightened and pain and nightmares abound! If your sleep has been badly disrupted, you are not alone. Many options can help with these problems, though. What do you need to get better sleep each night, so you can function like the amazing human you are in the morning?

A Comfortable Pillow

Ok, this sounds so simple, but it matters immensely. Not everybody’s neck needs the same amount of support, and not every person sleeps in the same position at night! You might be surprised at how much your pillow affects your sleep. From the standard crick-in-the-neck to snoring, to influencing sleep apnea issues and heart concerns, having an unsupportive pillow can mess up your body! If you are a back sleeper, for instance, you might need a different pillow than if you are a side or stomach sleeper. It seems like a small change, but if the science of knowing what support is best for you changes your sleep for the better, it’s worth it!

Get a New Mattress

It can be easy to find a mattress if you shop around, including online. Don’t be afraid of looking online for a mattress! You already know what kinds of mattresses do not work well for your body. You know if you like one that is more firm or more soft. You know if you need to sleep warmer on memory foam or cooler on memory gel. There are also excellent mattress pads that can help boost your current mattress. But, often, having excellent back support makes a great difference in your sleep.

Consider a Sleep Study

If you’re having awful sleep, and have worked to manage your stress, are already winding down, and have made sure your pillow and mattress are not causing added pain, it’s time to consider medical reasons. If you snore, or wake multiple times per night, going to get a sleep study is a good option. If you already use a C-pap or Bipap machine, it’s important to go back every five years to do a new study as well.

Your nightly sleep changes your capability during the day to manage stress and frustration. If your sleep is disrupted repeatedly, your ability to function is, too! Try practicing good sleep health so you can protect your well-being. 

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