What to Think About Before Opening a New Business


You’ve spent months making plans, arranging paperwork, and preparing your place of business. Now the time is approaching for you to launch your business to the public. You’ll soon be serving your first customers, and you want to show off your business at its best.

Planning for Your Grand Opening

Now it’s time to set a date for your grand opening. Think of a special hook that will bring people in, such as a giveaway, big sale, deep discount, or special guest or demonstration. Partnering with a neighboring business that already has foot traffic can bring customers in, as can a cross-promotion with a complementary business.

Then, get the word out. Beginning a few weeks before the grand opening, start posting photos and videos on your social media accounts and link to your website. As the day approaches, saturate the market with both traditional and digital advertising. If you have a storefront, don’t forget signs!

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe

If all goes well, you’ll have a good-sized crowd attending your grand opening and visiting your business in the days to come. The safety and well-being of your customers will be a concern. Prior to opening, train your employees in safety practices and make sure your furnishings and environment meet safety regulations.

As customers arrive, make sure all areas are sanitized and well ventilated. Colorful signs can remind everyone of safety protocols inside the business. Social distancing signs help set expectations for employees and customers.

Preparing for the Unexpected

As much as you plan, you can be certain that unexpected things will happen. While you can’t predict everything, you can prepare for some things in advance. An unannounced soft opening can help you work out the glitches and give you an idea of what problems may crop out.

A soft opening takes place a few days before the scheduled grand opening. Consider inviting a few friends and professional associates, and let the local media know as well. Keep your doors open to customers who might drop in. This will provide your staff with needed experience and give you a chance to make changes before the grand opening.


You’ve probably been anticipating the opening of your business for many years. With some planning and preparation, your opening days will be behind you, and your business will be operating as you have always dreamed.

Starting a business can be scary, but you can have greater confidence by putting a few safety rails in place. Check out the article here

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