What to Expect When You Have Your Braces Removed


Finally, the day that you’ve looked forward to for so long has arrived. You’re going to get your braces off! Just like when you got your braces on, you can inspect some changes and adjustments you’ll have to make as you’re in this transition stage. Here are a few things that you can expect when you go to have your braces removed.

Getting Used to the New Sensation

First of all, you’ll notice that your mouth feels very different now that your braces are gone. Your mouth will feel a bit roomier and more spacious without braces filling that space. You might have a bit more saliva than normal as your mouth adjusts. Your teeth might also feel a bit slippery and slimy. This is because the inside of your mouth, such as your tongue and lips, have usually been rubbing against the uncomfortable surfaces of your braces, and your smooth teeth feel slimy in comparison. This sensation should only last a few days as you get used to having your teeth free of their brackets and wires.

Wearing a Retainer

After your braces are removed, your orthodontist will put some impressions on your teeth to make you retainers that fit your straightened teeth perfectly. Dental insurance will usually cover at least part of the cost of braces, but check on if they cover the retainer as well. It will be important for you to wear these retainers every night as you sleep. Your orthodontist might also attach a permanent wire retainer on the backside of your upper or lower teeth. Even if you do have one or two permanent retainers, you still need to make sure that you’re wearing your removable retainers every night. This will keep your teeth straight and prevent them from moving over the long term. Also, you need to keep your retainers clean to prevent bacteria. There are different powders and dissolving cleaners that you can use to eliminate bacteria.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Now that your teeth are a little bit easier to brush and floss, that doesn’t mean that you should stop taking such good care of your teeth. Make sure that you are brushing at least twice a day and keep up on your daily flossing as well. It will also be important for you to keep up with your regular dentist appointments as well as any other orthodontist appointments that you might need as you’re adjusting.

So, if you’ve got your final orthodontist appointment scheduled, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Remember that you’ll need to get used to the new sensation, wear your retainer, and take good care of your teeth. This will guarantee that all the time and money that you put into your braces and teeth care will last, providing you with a straight, beautiful smile.

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