What to Do When Your Teen is Charged With a Crime


This situation is one of the hardest a parent could ever have to face. You can’t help but feel responsible for your child’s bad decisions when they land themself in hot water. If your child is charged with a crime, consider the following tips to help them.

Get a Lawyer

The first thing you’ll want to do if your teen is charged with a crime is to contact a reliable lawyer that can take on their case. Your child’s lawyer will defend them in court if needed, and will help them compile everything they need to keep your teen out of jail. A lawyer is essential because they can guide your child toward which questions to answer, which steps to take, and what evidence they need. A high-quality lawyer is an absolute essential to help your child navigate the legal processes they need to go through. It’s important to find a lawyer before anything else so they can direct your child right from the beginning. 

Find a Solution that Avoids Jail

As a parent, the last thing you want your child to have to deal with and be remembered for is jail time. Spending time in jail goes on your child’s permanent record, and could leave them with fewer opportunities later in life. Luckily, your lawyer can take steps to try to prevent jail time for your child. Early youth interventions can prevent costs to the criminal justice system in the future. Working with the prosecution, your lawyer can negotiate a settlement to satisfy both parties and negate the need for a court hearing. Many prosecution parties are more than willing to settle with your child’s lawyer and keep your child out of jail. Again, this is the benefit of hiring a high-quality lawyer. They can help you negotiate an outcome other than jail for your child.

Deal With Consequences

Your goal with your child is to keep them out of jail, which is important. However, you do also need to teach your child a lesson. It’s important that your child understands the consequences of their actions, and the reason they were convicted of a crime. It could be helpful to make part of your child’s settlement their responsibility, and make them legally obligated to atone for their actions. Giving them responsibility for their actions stops them from making similar mistakes in the future.

When your child gets into legal trouble, it can be difficult to know what your next move should be as their parent. You’ve tried to teach them responsibility and how to make good choices, but they’ve made a mistake that could cost them their future. Help your child through this difficult time by following these tips.

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