What to Do if Your Plants Aren’t Growing


Growing plants seems simple, but there may be times where you find your plants aren’t growing even if you feel you are doing everything right. There are a few simple solutions you can implement to troubleshoot lack of growth. You can make sure they have enough water and sun, give them healthy soil, and remove weeds.

Make Sure They Have Enough Water and Sun

If your plants aren’t growing, it could be because they don’t have enough sun or water. Sun is important for plants because they utilize it for photosynthesis to create their own food. For photosynthesis to work, plants also need water. You need to make sure your plants are getting enough sunlight by making sure they are planted in the right place and there is nothing blocking the light. You need to make sure to water your plant regularly, but not too much. Do some research on your plant to see how often to water and the volume it needs.

Give Them Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is important for your plants because the nutrients help your plant grow better and healthier. The right soil will have a good texture which is crumbly. You also need organic matter. This can include plenty of organic matter such as decomposing plants or dead animal tissue like chicken manure. Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen, which plants need to grow. Microorganisms in the soil break down these particles into smaller particles which allows the plants to absorb it. The easiest way to improve your soil is to add organic matter such as this, which can fix a variety of problems with your soil and improve plant growth.

Remove Weeds

Weeds can stunt the growth of your plants because they require nutrients from the soil just like your plants. This can create competition for important nutrients. Weeds also compete for sunlight which is important in giving plants the energy to grow. Weeds can cause crowding which can crowd roots. To help restore growth to your plants, have the weeds removed. You can do this yourself with weed killers or can hire a professional to both eliminate and prevent weeds.

When your plants are not growing it can be frustrating. It may just require a simple solution to get them growing again. Make sure to do some research on your plants to make sure you know what they need.

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