What to Do Before You Leave for an Extended International Trip


Travel is a pastime that, while being incredibly rewarding, also leaves a lot of room for disaster. If you’re planning on going overseas (especially for an abnormally long amount of time), you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls. Here are precautions you should take before leaving.

Get Your Documents Together

The absolute last situation you want to be in is one where your trip is ruined because you don’t have the right documents. That’s likely going to include your ID from your home country and your passport – at the very least. Make sure you prepare any kinds of evidence that you might need to present in the foreign country – proof of marriage, proof of residence, and so on. You might even need certain documents from home if you plan on getting some kind of residency, however temporarily, in the country that you’re visiting. Make sure you have carriers or storage of some kind to keep valuable documents safe from theft and damage.

Take Care of Medical Issues

Another quick way to ruin a trip is to have a preventable medical emergency in a foreign country. Navigating the medical systems of other countries is a huge hassle nine times out of ten. Even countries with safe hospitals and socialized medicine may or may not cover tourists. They may or may not cover your specific issue. Try and get checked out now for possible anomalies that could become problems later. Undergo routine procedures before you leave so you don’t have to worry about them – like wisdom teeth removal. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed when they’re 18 to 25.

Research Generously

Take a thorough look into what exactly you’re getting yourself into. Even developed countries can have risks, from the bureaucracy to petty theft in a back alley of a city. As a tourist, you are assumed to be wealthy. Research not only problems related to crime, but also anything related to legal or health issues. Go beyond a cursory Google search, read some travel blogs from experienced visitors who can give some extra insider tips about your destination. This way, you won’t only be prepared for the worst, but for the best; many gold nuggets of information on the best places to go can be found online.

International travel, especially for extended periods of time, can sometimes be tricky. But it also can be the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t let trepidation stop you from trying new things but do make sure you are always prepared for what could be around the corner.

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