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What Kind of Medical Expenses Should You Expect with Kids?


Children bring a lot of joy and excitement into people’s lives. However, looking after and properly raising a child can be expensive. Some surveys indicate that a child will cost a family around $13,000 annually. However, this largely depends on your location and what their individual needs are, including a budget for medical expenses. Whether you’re new to parenthood or planning for it, here are a few kinds of medical expenses you can expect with kids!

Emergency Room Bills 

Children are very active and love to explore. With how adventurous they are, it is no wonder that sometimes they get hurt. Your child will likely go to the ER at some point, like after breaking a bone or getting a particularly deep cut. Out of pocket costs will vary depending on the severity of the injury and your insurance. According to Consumer Health Ratings, an ER visit for children under 18 costs an average of $751 per visit. For that reason, it is wise to have emergency savings set aside for any ER trips that may come up during your child’s adolescence.


For your child’s oral health and confidence, it is likely their dentist will recommend braces. Braces can be an expensive medical process if your insurance doesn’t cover it. However, braces will also align your child’s teeth protecting them from infection and severe misalignments that could lead to extensive medical problems. If your child is uncomfortable wearing braces, talk to your dentist about Invisalign. According to Showtime Smiles, invisalign can be a good way for self-conscious kids to wear braces and still get the correction their teeth need.

Routine Health Exams

As your child grows and develops, it is important to take them in for routine health exams. According to CentraState Healthcare, these health visits will give your pediatrician an opportunity to examine your child and make sure they are developing properly. Every child develops differently, mentally, and physically. You want to make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary and they are up to date on all necessary medical procedures. Routine health exams are often covered by or discounted with insurance, making medical expenses more manageable. Monitor your child’s health and intervene early on with health exams.

Your child’s health is critical to their overall well-being and happiness. However, properly caring for them can be expensive. Set aside money to help cover medical expenses like emergency room bills, braces, and routine health exams and lessen their financial impact.

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