What it Costs to Keep Your Company Fleet on the Road


Having a fleet of company trucks has a variety of different costs to consider. You need to stay on track of these to ensure that you’re making enough profit to keep your business running smoothly. These are a few of the biggest costs you can expect from keeping your company fleet on the road.


Commercial trucks consume incredibly large amounts of fuel, making this one of the biggest costs you need to consider. In fact, fuel costs can make up over 30% of your total fleet operating costs. While it’s impossible to keep track of or predict the fluctuating fuel prices, you can monitor each truck’s fuel consumption to keep track of costs. Keep track of any excessive driving and monitor the usual fuel consumption to make sure you’re not spending more on fuel than you need to. 

Regular Maintenance

There’s no way to keep your company fleet on the road if your vehicles aren’t functioning properly. With all the mileage that your company trucks are getting, it’s important to keep them running smoothly with regular maintenance. In fact, it’s a good idea to check each truck before it goes out on a delivery. This may seem excessive, but it’s always a good idea to make sure your drivers and your vehicles are prepped for safety. Functioning brakes are critical truck components that keep drivers safe. If you have a large enough fleet, you may consider having an in-house garage in your business to maintain your vehicles. This can allow you quick access to the supplies you need to keep your trucks in the best condition possible. 


Because your fleet is carrying such precious cargo, it’s important to insure every vehicle you have out on the road. Besides being a legal requirement, having insurance on your fleet protects you from any potential damages it or its driver may face on the road. Accidents happen all the time, and driving a big truck can lead to more difficult driving conditions. Should something happen to one of your trucks or drivers on the road, insurance will help financially reimburse you for any damage or medical expense. It can also give you the peace of mind that, even though your fleet is heading out in countless different directions all across the country, your assets are protected from harm. In general, this insurance costs less than $1,000 per truck per month, and can save you much more than that during an accident.

Your company’s fleet is essential to the survival of your business. It is what transports your goods across the country to buyers who keep your business running. Because of this importance, it’s essential to follow these steps and keep your fleet running smoothly.

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