What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Social Media?


Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are services that many people either love or hate. The controversy in using them largely stems from balancing the need for privacy with the opportunity to connect with others. Here’s a quick comparison of the pros and cons associated with using social media. Deciding what works for you and your lifestyle is ultimately up to you.

The Pros

The great thing about social media is that it can keep you in touch with your friends and family members even they live far away. You can share images, experiences, events, and other aspects of life with the people you care about. It’s also an easy way to get connected with likeminded people in your community by joining different groups.

Social sites can also benefit you if you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, as well. You can post your products and services in a place where people can see them regularly and help support your ventures. They can also share your information with other potential buyers and boost positive reviews of your products. Reviews are particularly important for businesses because 97 percent of consumers say that reviews affect their purchasing decisions. Facebook business pages and other word-of-mouth advertising on social media is incredibly valuable for both businesses and consumers.

Furthermore, social sites can help you to reach people if you have an important message to send. Twitter gives you access to thousands of people at a time and can be a great place to poll and test new ideas. Social websites and tools can be fruitful for you if you use them the right way. A downside does exist, however.

The Cons

One of the aspects of social sites that may not be positive is the tendency for other people to snoop. These sites are public and you do agree to a certain amount of risk when you sign up to use them. However, you may still get a bad taste in your mouth the first time you realize that a person or organization that you didn’t want reading your page has used some information against you. It’s difficult to truly be yourself online because someone is always watching and analyzing everything you say or do.

Another con of social sites is that some of them seem as if they are popularity contests or breeding grounds for esteem destruction. People often boast about their successes, relationships, and material items without regard for anyone else or how they may feel. While they do have the right to express themselves the way they like, exposure can be unhealthy for someone who has low self-esteem.

Social site usage has a general addictive nature, as well. Thus you need to make sure you don’t become so attached to it that you can’t go a minute without your smartphone, or you can’t survive without logging into your favorite social site. Texting or checking social media while driving is another phenomenon that has grown with the prevalence of smart phones. This usage while driving leads to distracted driving and can cause major accidents. Is social media really worth the possible consequences?

Deciding whether a certain social media platform right for you may require some time. Think about your reason for using it and what it can do for you. If it can somehow improve the quality of your life, then it’s good for you. If using it negatively affects your mental health, presents a harmful distraction, or otherwise, then it’s probably best that you keep off.




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