Top 6 Nursing Jobs

It’s no secret that nursing is one of the hottest careers today. Because what’s not to like? The pay is more-than-decent and for those who want something more than sitting behind a desk, a career as a nurse offers different job opportunities. But with the numerous paths that this career can take you, which are considered the top nursing jobs today? Here are 6 of them.

Travel Nurse – Who doesn’t want to go places and earn a good income in while doing this? There’s not many careers that can boast of this and luckily for RNs, working as a traveling nurse can give them such a luxury. By being a traveling nurse, you can choose where you want to work next and how long you cant to stay there. A typical travel assignment usually lasts for about 8 weeks. The pay is far from bad too, ranging from $22 to $40 an hour.

Surgical Nurse Career – Hospital-based surgical nurses play an important role in the operating room, assisting doctors in various surgeries such as organ transplants, heart bypass operations, tumor removals, and others. Because of the heavy responsibility of surgical nurses, only RNs with specialized training can qualify for such positions.

Military Nurse – A nursing degree can also be put to good use in the military and the best thing about it is that you get to serve your country in the process. You get the double advantage of helping out with the troops both here in the country and abroad, and at the same time receive good pay and benefits. Among the benefits that nurses in the military can receive are special skills training, regular financial assistance for their families, and affordable housing.

Legal Nurse Consulting Career – Some RNs can also pursue a career as a legal nurse consultant. For those who are able to acquire the needed knowledge and training for this, they stand to earn as much as $150 per hour. The work of a legal nurse consultant involves doing analysis of medical records. A professional in this field may also be asked to attend court proceedings and/or testify in related cases or issues including medical malpractice.

Forensic Nursing Career – Those who want to mix a little detective work into their nursing career can find a bit of that in a career as a forensic nurse. In the field of forensics, a registered nurse will need to work together with law enforcement agents. Assisting in the collection and examination of evidence and counseling victims are part of the job description.

As you can see, there are plenty of career paths that a nurse can choose to take. With these top nursing jobs, it’s all a matter of choosing where your skills, qualificationsFind Article, and educational background will best fit.

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