Top 4 Jobs for Free Spirits


A nine-to-five job isn’t for everyone. If you have a free spirit, you’ll want a job that sparks your creativity and makes you happy to show up to work every day. From artistic fields to hands-on work, you deserve a career that brings you joy. We’ve put together a simple guide to finding the work of your dreams without sacrificing your individuality.

Travel Photography

If you’re glued to your camera 24/7, maybe you can make a living from it. You can start by practicing local photography and documenting your travels to gain an internet following. Try selling prints and reaching out to travel magazines as a freelancer. You’ll have all the material in the world. If someplace interests you, there’s a good chance it will interest others.

Freelancers are allowed the freedom to charge as they see fit while contracts with larger publications pay on a set schedule. Being a travel photographer sends you to places you may not have been before and lets you learn about new cultures.

Truck Driving

Another job for a free spirit that allows you to travel is being a truck driver. They spend 11 hours on the road a day, on average. Truck driving does not require a college degree; however, this option needs training and certification. Depending on your state and type of work, truck drivers earn an average of $40,000 to $82,000 a year.

Content Writing

If you like to work around your own schedule, a career in content writing could be your best bet. These jobs allow you to work your own hours, and they can generally be done in any place with Wi-Fi. Simply search the web for writing services and work your way up until you make connections with direct clients. You can usually start off with just a couple hours a week and then if you really like it, you can ramp up to full time work. Your paycheck is dependent on how much you work, allowing you as much time to be independent as you like.

Teaching Without a Degree

If you’re passionate about a subject, you may be ready to teach a class on it. Anything from art to helping others learn English could be a great way to work within your interests. Try finding ads looking for tutors and inquiring with your local libraries for volunteer work that can lead to a full-time job with pay you can work out between yourself and your clients.

As a free spirit, you’ll want to pursue your own interests and put your dreams on display. Showcase your passion to the world. Find your focus and stay true to it.

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