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Many large companies have employees working in a variety of office locations, job sites, and home environments (through telecommuting). Information security engineers help maintain the integrity of all data communicated and stored throughout the business enterprise. They develop and maintain protocols for the safe use, entry, transmission, and retrieval of data and software assets at a company. They work to ensure that these security protocols are flexible enough to remain user-friendly for employees, while also ensuring that security is strong enough to meet the needs of the business.

The integrity of data is of the utmost importance to a business; any company can become the target of malicious programs, malware, and/or hacking attempts. The information security security engineer is expected to constantly scan and analyze data and access logging software to help maintain the integrity of all information technology (IT) assets within the company. They are expected to be fluent in all required programming languages and able to detect any sign of unauthorized usage in a timely manner and respond quickly according to established best-practice protocols.

To work as an information security engineer, individuals generally need a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a related discipline. Some companies may also hire individuals for this position with technical school training and proper certifications.

The security engineer generally works during regular business hours in an office environment, but they may find the job dictates travel for companies with many offices or satellite locations. In most businesses with security engineers in the IT sector, it is also standard procedure for these employees to rotate “on call” responsibilities that require 24-hour availability and response time.

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