The Surprising Science Supporting Essential Oils


There’s been a lot of buzz about essential oils and their use in remedies that help with things like sleep and appetite control. You may even have tried a few and enjoy the unique fragrance that each oil offers. You still probably have a lot of questions about whether or not they really work and how they work. The following key discoveries will shed more light on the essential-oil phenomenon.

Impact on the Central Nervous System

Over the years, there has been a steady rise in medical research on essential oils and their applications. Inhaling certain essential oils will communicate signals to your brain, which then produces neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, that work to calm and regulate your mood. Very Well Mind discusses how aromatherapy can be used to help relieve stress. Aromatherapy uses plant extracts taken from various parts of the plant, including the root, bark, branches, flowers, or leaves. These plant extracts can be essential oils. Essential oils are used to maintain and promote health and well being, often combining the soothing, healing touch of massage with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that can have a profound effect on the mind, body and emotions through stimulation of the immune system. Recent findings from previous studies and unpublished collected data indicate a possible connection between the olfactory sensors in the nose and the central nervous system. 

Effects on Cells

Essential oils not only play an apparent role in the health of your nervous system, but they are also proven to help with health issues.

For high-grade essential oils, DoTERRA is one of the world’s top producers. Roseman University did a study on DoTERRA essential oils that found the oils themselves had an effect on the cells, which could not be replicated synthetically. Roseman’s team coined the term “The Oil Effect” to describe this phenomenon.

Effective and Economical Remedies

As people have become more aware of these adverse effects, more research has been conducted into alternative remedies.

Long before the development of modern solutions people used numerous plant extracts with great success. While today’s solutions still has an important role in science and health, we must not forget the powerful properties of nature, which can be accessed using essential oils.

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