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The Fastest Growing States in the Western U.S.


Some of the states seeing the fastest population growth are in the western part of the United States. Offering temperate climates and room to grow, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Arizona continue to be attractive destinations for people of all ages.


Nevada, especially the area around Las Vegas, is drawing lots of residents from neighboring California. The migration appears to be related to California’s high taxes and property costs. Over 50% of new Nevadans have migrated from California since 2013. Many California residents with good home equity have found that they can sell their houses and then pay cash for a bigger home in Nevada. Also, the Silver State is the second most tax-friendly state in the U.S.


Idaho is home to the Snake River and has easy access to the Rocky Mountains. For residents priced out of cities like Seattle and Denver, Boise and other cities in Idaho offer a low cost of living coupled with natural and outdoor living adventures. Lionhead Natural Waterslides in northern Idaho and Map Rock in Melba are just a couple of the natural sights that draw adventure seekers.


As one of the top four western states seeing increased population growth in recent years, Utah’s attraction is like that of Nevada and Idaho: affordable living. Focused on the Greater Salt Lake area, population growth in Utah in the foreseeable future is likely to only increase, and Utah County expects to add 1 million people by 2065. While the Salt Lake City area is slightly above average on the cost of living scales, the tax rates in the state are considered to be in the reasonable range. Like its sister states, Utah is home to many natural features that make it suitable for active adults and young families. The Beehive State is home to the Great Salt Lake, Arches National Monument, and Bonneville Salt Flats. Another destination for California transplants, Utah has seen a recent influx from all over the U.S.


The Grand Canyon State has long been known as a haven for retirees, especially those coming from the snowy north. Arizona has embraced its older population by making available many senior-friendly perks, such as retirement-focused cities and no daylight-savings switch. Like its companion states on this list, Arizona has seen a healthy 1.7% population growth between 2017 and 2018 alone. With reasonable state income and property tax rates, Arizona is rated within the top 10 most tax-friendly states.

People move for many reasons, including jobs, family, retirement, and sometimes just the need for a change of pace. The four states on this list have seen an increase in population for all these reasons and more. So if you’re looking for a new place to move that has a booming population, these are some great places to go.

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