The Best Places to Ski Late in the Winter

Happy woman skier wearing blue ski suit, black helmet and mask smiling, showing thumbs up in the mountains

Skiing through the whole winter is an awesome way to get outside and enjoy the snow while it’s there. But later in the winter months it can sometimes be more difficult to find good places to ski. Luckily, there are several great ski locations you can visit in the late winter to get in your last few trips down the mountain.

Park City, Utah

Park City is one of the most sought after ski locations in the country, and can give you easy access to multiple resorts. Winter snows in Utah can happen late into the season, which makes it a great place for your late winter ski vacations. While in Park City, you can also get access to amazing food options and a very classic ski experience. If you are willing to travel even an hour away from Park City itself, you can access even more ski resorts so you can spend time skiing all over the beautiful Utah mountains.

Vail, Colorado

Another great option for late winter skiing is Vail, Colorado. The snow in Vail can last late into the season and there are tons of slopes for skiers of various skill levels. If you are looking for more adventure on your runs, you can explore outside of Vail for more options. For example, you can also go skiing in the backcountry at Rocky Mountain National Park. Your Vail ski trip can be full of fun and adventure, and just the thing to wrap up your winter before starting to enjoy the sun of spring.

Crystal Mountain, Washington

If you want to get out to the west coast, the skiing is great in Crystal Mountain, Washington late in the winter. In this area you will find great snow even into the spring, and you have plenty of opportunities for backcountry skiing if that’s more your style. You can also spend your time in Washington enjoying the beautiful views and exploring the great forests in the area. 

Just because it is late in winter doesn’t mean you have to stop skiing. There are tons of great options you can choose from to extend your ski season as long as you possibly can. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are also great options if you want to have a cozier day. Get ready to travel so you can enjoy the last days of winter on the slopes.

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