The Basics That Plants Need to Grow


Having plants in and around your home is a great way to liven up your living space, and give a vibrant, green, and earthy feel to your space. But keeping plants alive and thriving in your home or your garden is not as easy as it may sound. Plants are living things that require food and nutrients to grow, thrive, and survive, and you need to provide it for them. But luckily, plants tend to require just a few basics to grow. Here are the three most important basics that your plants need to grow.


The first thing that all of your plants need to grow is water. Water is one of the necessary components to almost every single form of life, and plants are no exception to the need for water. You should be watering your plants every week, and depending on the type of plant, potentially a few times per week or less frequently depending. You need to do research on the specific types of plants that you have in your home and garden to know the exact amount of water they need. Basic rule, if the soil is dry, it needs water.

Good Soil

Another basic essential that all of your plants need to grow and thrive is good soil for planting. The soil that your plants are planted in can be thought of as their home. It is where the roots of the plant live, so your soil choice also impacts the nutrients that are fed to your plants through their roots. This is why you regularly have to mulch your lawn or use manure to nourish the soil. Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen, which can help your plants grow. Using a manure like chicken manure can give your plants the extra help they need to thrive.


The final basic that all plants need to grow is sunlight. Plants get their energy through a process called photosynthesis, where plants turn the sun’s energy into chemical energy which fuels the plants life processes. This process is performed by the leaves of your plant mostly, which is why your plant needs to be getting direct sunlight every day. Make sure you put any indoor plants somewhere they can get some sun, and that your garden Is in an area of your lawn that gets sunlight most of the day.

Keeping plants alive can feel like an impossible task for many people. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Just make sure your plants have these three basic essentials, and they are bound to live happy and healthy lives.

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