Suffering from Too Much Stress? Here Are 5 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Health


While pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals make billions off of people’s search for better emotional health, there are many answers to this ongoing dilemma that require no cost. Most importantly, the solutions that exist outside the medical industry often provide the least amount of risk. Medications can be helpful, but we are just now beginning to see the effects of long-term use. Stopping these medications abruptly can be just as dangerous as taking them for long periods of time. It can take just as long to get these medications out of your system as it does for them to enter your system and begin taking effect. Psychological counseling, while oftentimes offering a medication-free solution to mental health, involves an industry whose costs continue to increase every year.

Since caring for your emotional health in this manner can be costly, both physically and economically, here are five cost-effective and healthy ways to manage your emotional health:

Transform Physical to Mental to Emotional

Finding the motivation to exercise when we feel emotionally balanced is already difficult. When our emotional health is weakened, it is even harder. Although exercise may be the last thing on your to-do list when you are suffering emotionally, it may be one of the most important. That “runner’s high” you receive after a vigorous exercise is very real. The feeling of exuberance and mental wellness comes from a real chemical process brought on by physical activity. Certain endorphins and hormones are produced in the mind that improve mood and fight depression. What you want to avoid is using other unhealthy means to feel better. Around 15 percent off adults in the United States admit to binge drinking within the past month, and usually, a lot of it is due to wanting to get rid of stress, sadness, frustration, and other uncomfortable feelings. This isn’t a positive way to address emotional issues and can even lead to health complications.

Relaxed Movement

You don’t have to move vigorously to obtain tranquil benefits for your emotional health. Simple, slow, and methodical movements can provide similar results. While yoga can be done at a very strenuous pace with more stress on one’s muscles, it can also be accomplished at a very relaxed pace with no physical strain. You can find simple yoga exercises that promote breathing and physical movement. In turn, these exercises transform into physical and mental wellness. Want to learn something new? Chinese martial arts, such as Tai Chi and Wing Chun have self-defense techniques, but they are often used by many to promote health through breathing and movement. Learning a new activity, breathing correctly, and moving your body in set patterns all are beneficial to your emotional health. If this still sounds like too much, you can take pleasure in the fact that a simple walk can promote these same benefits.

Just Breathe

It sounds silly, right? Breathing should be one of those things we don’t have to stress out about. Luckily, we don’t even have to remember to do it, or some of us would be in deep trouble. The simple process of breathing isn’t the issue. What causes problems is not breathing correctly. Even learning about breathing in school, the respiratory process focuses on the lungs. To obtain the most benefits of breathing, however, it is necessary to focus on taking breaths from the diaphragm. You should concentrate on taking breaths that fill up the belly, rather than the lungs. According to a WebMD article, this technique is the most natural way to reduce stress. “When you learn healthy ways to relax, it can be easier to avoid unhealthy choices. Stress makes it harder to make healthy choices like picking good foods or finding the energy to exercise. When you’re relaxed, you can be more mindful.”

Be Active and Engaged

Distracted thoughts and overthinking can be just as damaging to emotional health as outside factors, such as stress from a job or family problems. The act of mindfulness is one way to combat this harmful way of thinking. Mindfulness, simply put, is the act of living in the moment. We can achieve mindfulness by focusing on things happening now. This can include watching something going on in nature or focusing on each individual breath, whatever keeps you engaged and in the moment. Another way to get engaged is to spend time socializing with friends and family. Social engagement is particularly important for seniors. According to Seniors Helping Seniors, social engagement can help seniors feel loved, wanted, and valued in their community. Feeling valued is an important part of anyone’s emotional wellbeing. So if you’re feeling isolated, then work on getting more involved with loved ones and members of your community. Taking steps to engage with others and the world around you will give you a necessary emotional boost.

Soothe the Spirit

Spirituality is another one of those words that can often make people uncomfortable. Medical professionals, who in the past promoted science and ignored spirit, are now coming around to the benefits that a spiritual life can offer to mental and emotional awareness. While spirituality can mean religion and prayer, it doesn’t always have to take on this meaning. Many times, leading a spiritual life is nothing more than developing a connection with something beyond yourself. It usually involves something intangible, such as a “mental” connection with nature or a belief in something greater than what is in front of you.

While some people speak to a psychologist to maintain their emotional health, speaking with a psychic can provide just as many benefits by meeting this spiritual criteria. Traumatic events that occur in our past can be responsible for present-day stressors. Experiencing the death of a loved at a young age, being a victim of bullying or other abuse, all play a part in how we react to situations as adults. One of our mental defense mechanisms is locking these experiences away. This can be beneficial in the short-term, but not adequately dealing with these emotions can cause more problems in the future. Speaking with a psychic can allow you to unlock some of these forgotten events, and you can receive advice from someone who is interested in treating the emotional and spiritual fallout from these events.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the medical industry offers many solutions to maintaining your emotional health, the best treatments are well within our abilities to address. Whether it be a physical solution like exercise or deep breathing or a spiritual solution like speaking with a psychic, these treatments should be treated before any drastic measures are taken.

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