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Some Amazing Stuff Found Only In Dubai

2. Undersea Hotels
Est. Value: $6,295 per night*
Produced by: Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Known mostly for its tall buildings and man-made islands, Dubai also has several hotels that allow for their guests to stay in undersea hotel rooms. Most commonly located in the Ambassador Lagoon, the suite’s guests are treated to magnificent undersea views for a hefty price. The most well-known of the underwater suites can be located at Atlantis, The Palm.

“Neptune” and “Poseidon”, are the two aptly named underwater suites located in Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. They sport floor-to-ceiling windows which provide an up-close look at the more than sixty-five thousand sea creatures who inhabit the lagoon.

However, if you’re looking to stay in an underwater hotel, be prepared to spend some cash. It costs, at minimum, $314 a night to stay in an underwater Dubai hotel, which is pricier than even some of the nicest hotels in the States. A stay in some of the most luxurious underwater hotels can cost up to $25,000 for just one night.

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