Should You Use Well Water? The Pros and Cons


Using well water harkens back to the days before indoor plumbing. It is an older way to get water in your home, but it is also regarded as a healthier alternative to public water. Of course, no water source is perfect. Before using well water, you should know the pros and cons.

The Water Tastes Amazing

One of the greatest benefits of well water is that it tastes amazing. This water is usually fresher because it is sourced by groundwater rather than surface water such as runoff. Groundwater will have more minerals and nutrients in it which contributes to the excellent taste and the appeal for its use. Public water is also treated with chemicals, such as chlorine, that are not present in well water. This is only one of many benefits of using well water over public water. While it naturally has a lovely taste, you can improve it by making sure it is sourced by a good spring and that it is properly maintained. If you don’t maintain it regularly, you may notice some changes in taste. You are also responsible for having the water tested to make sure it is safe to drink.

They Need Regular Maintenance

Wells will need more maintenance than regular plumbing, so you must stay on top of the upkeep. You need to periodically inspect and clean your well pump to make sure nothing is starting to go wrong. Your well pump is responsible for managing the water pressure in your home. When cleaning it, you want to make sure you clear it of any debris. It may be in your best interest to have a professional inspect and clean it. In addition to the water pump, you need to be aware of the well itself and the surrounding area. You want to plant low-maintenance grass around your well to avoid attracting insects and animals that could contaminate the well. Similarly, do not mix fertilizers near your well.

They Benefit Your Finances

There are numerous benefits of using well water including lowering your monthly bills. Since well water is considered a private source, you don’t need to be paying monthly water bills. You also won’t see any disruptions in the source. Additionally, having a private water source increases the value of your home.

If you have questions about using well water, it’s important to do research. There are many factors involved that can affect your health and water quality. However, plenty of benefits make all the effort worth it.

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