Preventing Sports Injuries—The Importance of Having the Right Safety Gear


Although few people think that it will happen to them, injuries in sports are widespread occurrences. Of course, most injuries that happen during sports are minor scrapes and bruises; however, this is sometimes not the case. More serious sports injuries can occur, especially when the proper protective gear is not worn. Here are a few examples of safety gear and how it can help keep you safe from sports injuries.


A mouthguard is essential for preventing injuries to your mouth and teeth While many sports, such as football, hockey and boxing, require that mouthguards are worn, some athletes wear them even when it isn’t mandatory. During any sport, even one that isn’t considered a contact sport, there is always a risk of injury to any part of the body. So, having that extra bit of protection is always a good idea.


Having properly padded safety gear is essential for cushioning falls or absorbing hits and blows. Gear that keeps the joints properly protected, such as knee pads and elbow pads, can help prevent serious injury by acting as a shock-absorber and shield for the body. If you were to run and fall on your knees, not having knee pads would result in a horrible scrape, at the least.


Helmets are probably one of the most important pieces of safety gear that you can wear. While scrapes and bruises may heal over time, head injuries can be very serious and even lead to permanent damage. Statistics show that 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year, so wearing a properly fitting helmet is essential in preventing serious head injuries from sports. Your helmet should fit nice and snug and have a secure strap so that it stays in place and offers you the maximum level of protection against head injury.

Follow the Rules

Playing by the rules of the game can also help to prevent getting injured, as each player knows and plays their position the right way. If you are supposed to guard a certain area of the field yet you break the play, you definitely run the risk of being injured because you are out of position. Not following the plays or playing by the rules can not only bring injury to yourself but to others as well. This is because if you are supposed to be blocking for your teammate but you decide to run the ball instead with no one to block for him, he runs the risk of getting hurt. Plays are set not only to win the game, but also to keep the players protected.

While sports are fun, they should also be taken seriously. Whenever there is an abundance of extreme physical activity mixed with hard equipment, there is a chance of injury. Being a good sport not only means playing well, but it also means playing responsibly. Wearing your safety gear correctly, following the rules of the game and playing your position can all help prevent injury.

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