Out On The Slopes: Tips for a Great Snowboarding Season This Winter


With a new snowboarding season rapidly approaching, alpine resorts usually begin opening the lifts to the passes as different areas of the mountain open to guests. As the season progresses, it is important to keep some tips in mind so that you can have a great snowboarding season throughout the winter.

Stay Safe and Be Prepared

As you go out and hit the slopes, it is important to show up prepared and take steps to stay safe. Nothing is worse than having your season cut short due to injuries and accidents. In order to stay safe out on the slopes, it’s important to be prepared, to never go snowboarding alone, to wear the right protective gear, and to use caution. Make sure you have dressed appropriately for the weather. Layers are convenient to moderate your body temperature. Cotton clothing is heavily discouraged because cotton retains moisture and can leave you more prone to hypothermia. UV ski masks are absolutely essential out on the slopes. The snow’s glare can be blinding, and UV rays are actually amplified by the reflective snow.

Tips and Tricks

Part of the allure of snowboarding is the different skills and techniques you can learn. Snowboarders devote a lot of time and effort to improve their runs. However, understanding your skill level is the first step to plan for your next step in learning more. In addition to skills and techniques, there are also numerous styles such as freeride, freestyle and freecarve to look into. A great way to widen your skillset is to search for a skill sheet that is divided by levels. This will allow you to check off skills as you learn them. Skills can range from spins to grabs to flips to slides. With so many skills available, it might be difficult to figure out what to learn next. This is why having a list of skills organized by level will be an immeasurable help.

Take Lessons

Lastly, if you are heading for the slopes, why not invest in snowboarding lessons while you’re there? There is a wide range of prices, promotions and packages available at alpine resorts during the snowboarding season. Lessons are a great way to ensure that you can build a strong foundation for the sport as well as to improve your technique. Sometimes it is difficult to spot what you need to improve unless it is seen by another set of eyes. In addition, snowboarding lessons will often tell you what you should avoid doing as well as what you should do to prevent injuries.

Snowboarding can be a rewarding hobby, and the approaching snowboarding season a cause of great anticipation. However, in order to get the most out of your season, make sure that you take the proper safety precautions, arrive prepared and develop a method to improve your skills progressively.

If outdoor snow sports aren’t really your thing in the winter, try these indoor activities!

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