Our Best Tips for ATVing in Winter


ATVing is one of the most fun activities that you can do almost anywhere and something that the entire family can enjoy. As the months get colder, and winter begins to settle in, you may feel like your ATVing fun is over until the summertime, but that is not the case. You can still enjoy riding your ATV in the colder months just by following a few of these tips.

What You Need

Of course, since the weather is much cooler, you will definitely need to dress for the environment. So above all, make sure that your clothing is weather appropriate from your jacket to your gloves so that you can have the most comfortable ride possible. Borrow a trick from motorcyclist and look into the world of heated gear. There are many styles of jackets, gloves, and even socks according to Bike Bandit. Next, make sure that you have your usual gadgets, like your cellphone, GPS, et cetera, but also take into account any extra gear you may need if you are ATVing in the snow.

Check Your Machine

Mechanical failure is a cause of major accidents and problems in ATV accidents. According to Russo Law you should regularly repair and take care of your machine, especially before taking it on rough terrain. Of course, just like with a car, extra care should be taken during the colder months in which the environmental conditions may include snow or ice. Since the temperatures are colder, you will need to adjust the type of oil you use as well as keep it changed regularly. One common cause of vehicle problems, whether it be ATVs or cars, is from a failure to get regular and proper oil changes.

Adjust Your Tires

If you plan on ATVing through the snow, then you should make sure that your ATV is equipped with the proper tires. According to ASP Group Distributing, snow tires can help you gain better traction and traverse through and over parts of the terrain that traditional tires may struggle with. Since the lugs are spaced a good distance apart, the wheels are able to clear through snowpacks with no problem.

Although your ATV may need a little extra TLC in order for you to enjoy it during the winter, it can definitely be worth the effort. Make sure you stay on top of maintenance, dress properly for the occasion and have whatever gear or equipment you need to be winter-ready. ATVing is already a fun experience. However, you may find that with the backdrop of the winter-white snow, that ATVing in the winter is just as fun if not more.

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