Missing Reward

Due to limitations and blocking of “cookies” in modern web browsers, sometimes reward information is not transferred correctly. This is especially true in the Safari (iOS) web browser, but can happen in any web browser.

This page will attempt to manually “fire” the pixels and cookies so that you can claim your reward.
This will work for 99% of users, but keep in mind that the following conditions must be met:
1. You must have answered every quiz question
2. You must be using the same web browser that you used to take the quiz
3. You must disable ad-blockers, tracker-blockers and cookie blockers.
4. You must not be behind a proxy or VPN.

If the above 4 conditions are met, please wait 5 minutes and then check with your reward provider.
If you still have not received your reward then please try the following:
1. Go back to the “offerwall” (tapjoy, fyber, peanutlabs, adgate, etc) in the game/app/website where you originally found the article.
2. Click the link to the article that you completed.
3. Navigate back to this page from the same web browser that you clicked the link in step 2.
4. Wait 5 minutes, then check your reward provider.