Major Obstacles That Can Get in Your Way of Landing a Job


Getting a job is never easy – especially not in the current economic climate. You need to be aware of the common problems and mistakes that people make when they’re trying to get a job. That way, you can consistently be in the upper bracket of applicants.

Lack of Experience

This one can be a real killer, especially because there are more and more jobs that could be considered entry-level (at least for a college graduate) that are now asking for years of experience as a minimum requirement. You need to gain targeted experience if you want to be successful. What that means is that you know exactly what kind of job you want, and at what kind of companies, corporations, or organizations. Know what they expect and how the application process looks. That way, you can look for internships or adjacent lower-level jobs that can act as a doorway into what you want. It’s going to take time and work, but you can build up your resume over time.

Criminal Record

This one is a really hard situation. Many people will write you off if you have a criminal record immediately, even if you seem to be an otherwise fantastic candidate. They simply don’t want to take the risk. That can be extremely frustrating for someone that wants to move on from their past. Again, you need to start where and how you can. Being a great employee for a consistent period of time at a place that will hire you (even if it’s not your ideal job) means a good reference you can use to supersede your criminal record. Networking can give you opportunities if you struggle to land a job due to a criminal record. You’re going to have to find ways for people to feel more confident that you’re a good employee, mostly from other people vouching for you.

Applying Badly

There are ways to refine your application for the job you’re looking for. Do the research necessary to find out what techniques are best. Resumes can be revised and specialized for a certain job. Remember, most employers only look at a resume for a few seconds on average. Make it neat and simple (templates can be useful). Revise your cover letter so that you will be talking about their specific company, its mission, and what you bring to the table. Make eye contact, shake hands, and smile during job interviews.

The job hunt is hard for many reasons – but more than anything else, because of uncertainty. It takes time, effort, persistence, and courage. If you work hard and try for every opportunity you see, you’ll eventually find what works.

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