Laws That California Takes a Strict Approach To


When it comes to political matters, California is known for its strict approach to governance. This is evident in the types of laws that are promoted here. For visitors of other states, California laws may seem strange and even unnecessary. However, when visiting it is imperative that you follow each of them. As they are designed for the good of the community.


Sorry gun lovers, but California is notorious for being strict on gun policy. Whenever you bring a gun across state lines, you are going to need to prove that you have a license to own the firearm and that you have a permit to open or close carry. There are also limits on what can be sold in the state.

If you are trying to buy a gun in California, the process can take a while. Additionally, extra laws limit the access of many to own a firearm. This is because California law is based on past tragedies, and making new laws to try and prevent further incidents from happening. While stricter gun laws have resulted in more crime in other states, it hasn’t been the case in California.

Driving Under the Influence

Another way that California has remained strict is on DUI laws. While some states are more forgiving with drinking and driving, offenders in the Golden State are much more likely to be severely punished for the action. This is similar to other areas of the country—many states like California aggressively prosecute DUI charges.

To avoid this being a problem, make sure that you follow the law perfectly. Call an Uber if you are out at a party and feel too wasted to drive. Be smart, and don’t put anyone’s life at risk.


Perhaps one of the most notable sectors of public life California has impacted is environmental law. California has by far the highest American population. Because of this, many of its citizens focus on the effects of people on the environment more often. This results in much stricter rules on recycling and reusing materials.

Recycling in California is almost mandated. Additionally, plastic items like straws are usually eradicated and replaced by eco-friendly substitutes. Remain aware of the differences between your understanding of the law and what California says before you visit.

All in all, California is a beautiful state, but you should take its laws seriously. They are much stricter than other sections of the country on certain things. You don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of the law, so make sure you do your research before visiting. 

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