Landscaping Issues That Can Turn Off Buyers

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Like it or not, curb appeal can be very important when it comes to selling a home. First impressions set the tone and can influence somebody’s ultimate decision quite a bit. Landscaping problems are the very first thing that people will see.

Dead Grass

Lawns can be tricky. They are, after all, quite impractical – and can be difficult to maintain properly. But it’s important that you put in the effort and preparation necessary to make a beautiful lawn or yard before you list your home. Green grass is what you need. Patches of dead grass do not look great, and an entire dead lawn is even worse. 

Even if somebody doesn’t consider it a big deal relative to the condition of the house itself, it will be an automatic and unconscious turn-off when they see it. You might want to consider buying grass seed, high-quality soil, or sod if necessary.

Overgrown Trees and Bushes

An overgrown yard is just another chore that the buyer will ultimately need to take care of. It can also be harder to navigate. And most importantly – it simply does not look good. You should take a look at all aspects of your yard and ask yourself if they need to be trimmed. Even if they aren’t necessarily wild, it can go a long way to have every plant be neat, matching, and even. 

Trimming dead branches will make your landscape look healthier. It’s healthy for the plants, too. There might be some occasions where you don’t want to get rid of beautiful flowering or blooms, but for the most part, a healthy trim is almost always the right choice for your plants.


Clutter’s not just a problem for the inside. Dirt and detritus on your front porch, driveway, and lawn can also make a bad impression. Make sure to pick up all pieces of branches, shrubs, and leaves that have been severed while trimming. Sweep, blow, and wash your porch and driveway. Make sure to get any and all weeds between tiles, cracks in the concrete, in potted plants, or in your yard itself. Dispose of all green waste in the proper manner. And, of course, make sure your yard is completely free of trash.

You might be surprised just how much appearances can matter when it comes to real estate. Repairing, maintaining, cleaning, and preparing your home aesthetically to be listed can make all the difference in the world. Give your home the effort it deserves.

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