Is Singapore Really a Libertarian Utopia?


Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, and they are one of the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, more commonly known as ASEAN. This small city state was once a part of Malaysia, but they decided to break off and declared their independence on August 9, 1965. Today, Singapore is one of the largest business hubs in Asia, and their economy surged dramatically making them an important center for trade and business. Singapore is also known for their strict implementation of the rule of law, and many people are afraid to commit even the smallest mistakes because of the fear of being put inside the jail. Singapore is known for its cleanliness, and the people are disciplined enough not to litter everywhere.

Libertarian Utopia

Many people consider Singapore as a libertarian utopia. Libertarian pertains to the core principle of the government to provide its people with free will, while utopia is a state of perfection—a place where there is visibly less crime, and economy is at an all-time high. Singapore might be a libertarian when it comes to its economic policies, but a lot of people disagree that the country is also libertarian when it comes to their social policies. The United Nations have even called upon Singapore because of their strict implementation of the law, but Singapore shrugged off the recommendation of the United Nations and stated that they would continue apprehending people who are trying to break their laws. Singapore also practices force conscription, and the nationals are required to serve in their military. There is no exception, and evading the conscription can also land you in jail.

Rules and Regulations

In a libertarian setting, people have the free will to do anything they please, but their morality is also governed by the rules and regulations set up by the government. Libertarian societies in the west, like the United States, provides the free will to the people, and let them enjoy life as they please, but at the same time, they are also imposing moral laws like the prohibition of murder and rape, to provide a better quality of life for their population. People are free to use recreational drugs, and same-sex couples have the freedom to get married. The economy of the United States is also recovering, but they still have to work on it to regain their momentum.

On the other hand, Singapore’s strict laws could land someone in jail for violating even the simplest rules, like chewing a pack of gum in public. The Singaporean police are efficient in implementing the rule of law, and foreigners might feel intimidated when they are in the presence of an officer. Singapore is also known as one of the countries which have not abolished the death penalty. Drug traffickers and drug mules can be put to death in Singapore, and they practice capital punishment by hanging. Despite the claims that Singapore is a libertarian society, it might only apply to their economic side, but not on their social side.

Living In Singapore

Singapore being a Utopia is a different thing. If we talk about the number of crimes in the country, as well as the wellbeing of its population, we can consider that Singapore is indeed a Utopia. The small city-state is the place to visit for most citizens in the Southeast Asian region because of the opportunities found in the city. Singapore offers a lot of jobs to those who want to work there, and their currency is slowly reaching new records. The cost of living is high especially for foreigners, but for Singaporeans, they could afford it if they have a stable job and an economy which can sustain the population.


Another good thing about Singapore is their educational system. The children are taught complex subjects at a very young age to prepare them for the future. Singapore has a 100% literacy rate, and they also have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world. This modern-day utopian city-state has attracted thousands of foreigners from around the world, and they are now living peacefully in the city that has never seen any heinous crimes for the past few years. The Singaporean police are also efficient in countering any protests, and Singapore is one of the few countries in the world where people rarely do demonstrations as they approve what their government is doing.

To summarize, Singapore might not be a “libertarian utopia,” but they are doing great in the field of economy and business, and it is one of the fewest real-life examples of a utopian society.

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