Is Pornography More Dangerous to Society Than People Realize?


Despite being for adults only, pornography is seen as more innocuous than it used to be. Thanks to the internet, people have faster access to porn than ever. That can lead to a normalization where porn isn’t seen as a big deal. While many oppose it on moral or religious grounds, use of porn can constitute a public health problem. These are some ways porn poses a threat to people.

Warped Views of Relationships

A society raised on porn is one that views it as being a realistic depiction of sex and relationships. Porn exaggerates things and creates a misleading notion of what love is. Sex and love are complicated enough. They don’t need to be further complicated by the lies spread by porn. Even if someone is told that porn is not an accurate depiction of sex, it can still be hard to divorce oneself from what they’re seeing on screen. The best way to deal with the power of porn is to cut yourself off of it completely. This will help teach you how to have healthy relationships.


Just like drugs and alcohol, porn can be addictive. Because it’s so easy to access, it can be hard for someone to shake off an addiction. Porn consumption in recent years has spiked. Research shows that 68% of young men are addicted and view porn at least once a week. Addiction can lead to problems with functioning at work and/or school. The need to get a fix can also cause users to distance themselves from friends and family. Porn can seem like it’s just a guilty pleasure, but addicts can find themselves caught in its web and struggling to break free.


In a healthy relationship, both partners see one another as equals and do all they can to uplift each other. Porn can teach people to see their partners as objects or that they’re only worthy of being treated as objects. People’s actions can reflect the media they consume. Even if one is responsible for their actions rather than an outside force, the toxic influence of porn should not be understated. By the time someone realizes that their mind has been warped by porn, it might take a very long time for the damage to be undone.

Understanding the ill effects of pornography is very important. It’s designed to be addictive and inspire compulsive usage. The more people know how pornography manipulates, the more they’ll be able to take action against it and know what it’s like to live without pornography.

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