Interior Design Choices to Make Your Home More Unique


No matter where you live or what your home looks like, there are certain features that you can emphasize and play up. Finding the right features to emphasize can be tricky sometimes. Doing the work to pinpoint key architectural features and find opportunities to add new features will help your home feel more customized.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Having beautiful windows that bring in natural light is a huge positive. Find areas of your home where you do get a lot of natural light and emphasize that light. There are a variety of ways you can play up the natural light in your home—using lighter colors in your décor scheme can brighten up a room. Similarly, hanging mirrors on the walls allows the light that comes into the windows to reflect off the windows and bring more light into the room.

Use Wallpaper

Another great way to add sophistication and uniqueness to your home is to use wallpaper. You may want to simply add wallpaper to one wall in a room to give the room a more eye-catching focal point. Or you may consider papering a whole room.

Whatever kind of project you are considering, choose your wallpaper carefully. If it’s a room you will spend a lot of time in, make sure the wallpaper fits the mood you want. You want the color and design to fit well with your décor as well.

Highlight Architectural Details

As you think about making your home more unique, think about the different architectural strengths of your home. Particularly look at fireplaces and mantels around the house to see if there are ways you can give them a bit of an upgrade—maybe paint the fireplace’s brick or add a floating shelf above the fireplace to add more visual interest. You should also look up at your ceilings. You may be surprised to find cool beams that could be exposed and emphasized as a new feature of the interior.

Making your home feel more unique can help make your home feel more like your home. But as you go forward with making different changes to your home, make sure you think about the big picture. If you are going to seriously update only one room in your house, it might make the other rooms stand out for not being updated. Figure out a game plan to keep your home’s cohesiveness while still adding new features.

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