If You’re a Fan of Western Art, Here’s 3 Reasons You Need to Check Out Colorado


Art is one of the few endeavors that allows an individual to think far beyond his or her own plane of existence and experience. Creating and appreciating art has been a part of the human consciousness for almost as long as our history a species. While certain places are known for their art galleries and art festivals, others don’t usually come to mind when discussing this topic. However, some of them should because they contain impressive art collections. One of those places is Colorado. When we think of this state, we usually consider the grandeur of its natural beauty, but if you want to see some of the best examples of western art, you should check out these art galleries in Colorado.

The Broadmoor Galleries

One of the first venues lovers of western art should visit is The Broadmoor Galleries. This institution is home to many different styles and mediums of art. One of the most popular is their collection of western art. From sculptures to paintings, you can see the full scope of this artwork here. Among the many virtues of this gallery is the fact that it often accepts the work of local artists, which makes its collection more authentic. Besides the gallery, you can appreciate many other activities in Colorado Springs. There are numerous zip line tours to enjoy and historic sites to see. You could even plan a road trip through Colorado where you make stops to view different museums around the state.

American Museum of Western Art — The Anschutz Collection

There is a variety of Western art present in hotels, such as the Maven at Dairy Block, where there are carefully curated galleries. You should also consider the American Museum of Western Art. The museum features some of the best western art in the area. Through the large collection of pieces spanning the era from the 1800s to the present, you can experience a complete historical timeline of the area. After this stop you can also see other western art around Denver.

Denver Art Museum

Another staple for art lovers is the Denver Art Museum. In particular, The Petrie Institute of Western American Art offers quite a few interesting collections in this gallery. You can see “The Buckaroo,” which is an incredible bronze statue of a cowboy on a bucking horse. The watercolor, “Near Taos No. 5,” by John Marin is also on display. These and many other pieces are available for your examination at the Denver Art Museum.

Colorado has some of the best western art to be found. Be sure to include these galleries as must-see destinations during your visit!

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