How Your Household Can Help Slow Climate Change


Thinking about fixing climate change as an individual can feel overwhelming, and while big companies are responsible for the bulk of climate change, there are still many things you can do to make a positive impact. Finding ways to live more sustainably is a great place to start to improve your carbon footprint. And the small choices you and your household make every day can help you to change the world and the path of climate change for the better.

Reduce, Reuse, and Compost

One of the best things you can do is to try to cut down on your waste overall. This means reducing by making fewer purchases, especially of things you don’t need, reusing the things you already have, and making an effort to compost food waste. While composting isn’t eliminating food waste, it does allow you to turn that waste into something useful. You can start by composting things like peels and cores and then expand your composting as you get into the habit. You can use your compost to plant a garden and provide the nutrients it needs.

Use Renewable Energy

The energy you use is another important part of helping to slow climate change. Renewable energy sources can help you power your home and reduce your energy costs while also helping you live more sustainably. For example, solar dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is proven to help slow climate change. Installing solar panels is an investment upfront, but it has great benefits and can pay for itself over time with reduced or eliminated power bills and tax breaks.

Stay Away from Single-Use Plastics

While some things have to be single-use, avoiding single-use plastics as much as possible can help you to live more sustainably. Look for ways to phase out single-use items from your lifestyle and start living more carefully. You can even avoid single-use plastics outside of your home by bringing your own mug to coffee shops and cafes. That way you know you are doing your best to be thoughtful about your consumption at all times.

Living more sustainably is accomplished one step at a time. Talk to your household about sustainability goals you have for the future and start working together to make a difference. As you implement new sustainable activities you can help the world to be a better place for the future.

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