How Young Families Can Prepare to Move into Their First Home


Your first home is an exciting investment—a place for your family to feel established, safe, and ready to grow. As you prepare to move in, keep in mind the amount of things you want to bring with you, the safety of the home for your children, and the area surrounding your household. Each of these will help you be ready for this new step in your family’s life and development!

Decide What You Really Need to Take

Clutter accumulates quickly! Be strict with yourself as to what you want to take with you into your new home—this is an opportunity to declutter and minimize your belongings! Consider going room by room and determining what is truly useful, what you find yourself needing most frequently, and what carries the most sentimental value. The less you take to your new home, the fresher a start you’ll have for establishing and designing the home you want with the things you need.

Child-Proof Your New Home

Make your home a safe one for your kids! There are pros and cons to each material available for your home. Carpet offers a soft landing for wobbly legs and playful falls, but carpet fibers quickly trap dirt and spills. If you’re afraid of stains, hardwood is much easier to clean than carpet. However, hardwood floors are of course not as gentle or forgiving. In addition, make sure that cupboards and cabinets containing harmful tools or chemicals are safely locked from children’s access, and that sharp edges and corners are buffered by softer materials to prevent unfortunate bumps and bruises!

Get to Know Your Location

Be ready to take advantage of all that your area has to offer you. Being a part of an active community is one of the best ways to enrich your experience in your home as well as out of it. Meet your neighbors, and especially make friends with families like your own! Learn about local parks and programs, fun family activities, community entertainment, and more that may be right around the corner. Know what schools are available for your children and what hobbies you can explore using the resources around you. This will not only boost your excitement about this big move, but your quality of life once you are there.

Even before you move into your new home, you can prepare yourself to be uncluttered, safe, and part of your new area. Each of these will help you feel even more confident in taking this big step with your family.

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