How to Use Technology as a Learning Asset


Every teacher is constantly looking for better ways to engage their students. Some of the most effective teaching models involve approaching the material from several different directions. Incorporating technology into your classroom can help you make interactive lessons that hold your students’ attention.

Hold Students Accountable

Technology is always a double-edged sword. The same technology that can improve your lessons can also be a great distraction. You may incorporate appropriate YouTube videos into your lesson plan only to find that students are watching the latest cute cat videos. If you use classroom technology, you will have to find ways to monitor what your students are doing with it. Some management software allows you to see what is happening on the devices in your classroom network. You may also do the tried and true work of physically monitoring your students. Otherwise, you will discover that new technology is wasting your precious classroom time.

Don’t Make it Complicated

Another potential issue with classroom technology is time lost in adapting to the technology itself. As the teacher, it is critical that you have explored new software before you introduce it as part of your lesson plan. Students will quickly get distracted if you are scrambling to deal with technical difficulties. You should be able to do basic troubleshooting with any programs you use. You also may want to take advantage of trial periods for learning management software. An LMS should provide consistency so that students don’t waste too much time learning the software. If you struggle to make sense of the software, chances are some of your students will struggle with it as well.

Make Content More Engaging

Classroom technology allows you to create new ways of teaching your subject. Another reason to explore new programs is to gain ideas for ways to use the software creatively. If all you are doing is projecting static images on the wall, you are just recreating what could be done with an overhead projector decades ago. New technology allows you to incorporate audio and video resources easily. Many LMS programs incorporate student mobile devices, allowing for greater interactive experiences like competitive quizzes. It may take time to learn the software, but the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

The current generation of students has grown up with technology. Incorporating it into the classroom is a natural extension of what they already do at home. When you take advantage of new classroom technologies, your lesson plan will be more engaging and effective.

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