How to Teach Your Teen to Be a Safe Driver


Driving a car is a risk. Each year many accidents and even deaths happen because of reckless driving. What causes even more risk is when a less experienced driver gets behind the wheel and is careless. Therefore, it is so important to teach your teenage driver to drive safely, to mitigate added risks on the road and protect your family.

Set the Example

Whether parents like it or not, their kids watch and mirror their behavior. As points out, when it comes to driving, you have been showing your teen how to do it since they were born. So, if you drive recklessly, is it likely that your teen has learned from you and will also drive recklessly. The saying “do as I say, not as I do” cannot be applied in this scenario. Driving is a serious responsibility, and your teen needs to know that you take it seriously, otherwise you cannot expect them to do so. Setting an example for them, even starting at an early age, will help them know how they need to drive.

Teach Them the Consequences of Reckless Driving

There are so many consequences of reckless driving. You don’t need to scare your teen, but they need to know what consequences can come because of poor actions. For one, they need to know that driving is dangerous. Cars are heavy, and driven at fast speeds, which can cause a lot of damage. Your teens’ reckless driving could not only hurt them, but it could seriously hurt someone else. They need to make sure to be alert and attentive behind the wheel. They need to know that they cannot be under the influence behind the wheel. This can cause serious harm to others and a DUI on their record can affect their future job prospects according to The Law Firm of William A Walsh.

Rewards and Punishment

Consequences do come because of reckless driving. Parents can also take charge and set punishments and rewards for driving behavior. All it takes is for them to drive recklessly once and it can cause a lot of damage. If your teen is recklessly driving, they need to know that it is unacceptable and needs a change. The consequences for this should be decided beforehand and can even include input from your teen. This way they know the unacceptable behavior and the consequences. It’s up to you to be consistent with this system. On the other hand, careful driving can and should be rewarded, this lets your teen know that you don’t just want them to be punished, but good consequences also come from good behaviors.

Parents have a great responsibility to teach their teens safe driving. Even with drivers’ education courses in place, teens do much more learning behind the wheel with their parents sitting in the passenger seat. This is such an excellent time for parents to take the lead, ensuring the safety of their teens driving, making sure to set them up for success once they are left to drive on their own.

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