How to Prevent Future Health Issues While You’re Young


You’ve probably heard some sobering stories from friends and family about the difficulties of an aging body. And while aging is a beautiful phase of life, it can bring its challenges. Choosing to prioritize healthy habits now will help you prevent painful problems in the future.

Make Exercise a Habit

Find time to exercise every day. If exercising seems intimidating or if it is hard to motivate yourself to get out there and do something active, start by finding an activity that you enjoy that gets your body moving. Exercise comes in so many different forms so don’t try to make yourself do one type of exercise if you don’t like it.

Additionally, if you’re really busy, don’t stress too much trying to find an hour here or there to exercise. Instead, incorporate it into things you already have to do. For example, choose to bike to work instead of drive. Or pace as you have phone calls.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet makes such a big difference for your health now and in the future. If you choose to eat healthy foods now, you’ll set yourself up to prevent issues like dementia, muscle atrophy, and heart attacks.

In addition to preventing these kinds of conditions, eating healthily can also help prevent your teeth from deteriorating. If you don’t take care of your teeth you might need extensive dental work.

Drink Lots of Water

Trying to stay on top of your health involves making big lifestyle changes like eating a healthier diet, but it also involves making smaller changes like drinking lots of water. You’ve probably heard this advice before, but getting into the habit of drinking lots of water regularly can make a huge difference in your body’s overall functioning.

Your body is made up of about 60% water so replenishing your body with water is essential. When you drink lots of water, you avoid digestion issues, you’ll have better skin over the long-run, and can generally improve your physical and mental functioning.

While it’s essential that you think carefully about your future body and make an active effort now to protect yourself from developing painful conditions, find the right balance. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a long list of resolutions and end up doing none of them. Take things a little at a time.

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