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How to Prepare to Assist Your Senior Loved One With Dependent Care


As your loved one ages, they may reach a point where they can’t take care of themselves without any help. They may need to begin dependent care. This can be an uncertain and challenging time for them, so you want to do all you can to help both you and them prepare. 

Work Out Finances

To begin, you should discuss finances with your loved one and work out any issues. Finances can be complicated for anyone, but especially so for seniors who need dependent care. In many cases, they may no longer be equipped to handle their finances. When talking with your loved one, establish what sort of income they have, such as a 401K or social security, and discuss what their expenses are. You should also cover estate planning as well. In some cases, you may take on power of attorney. When it comes to dependent care, you should also establish who will be covering the expense. Being clear up front can remove burdens later on. 

Arrange a Living Situation

Next, you will need to discuss your aging loved one’s living situation. Transitions from independent living to a senior community can be a difficult experience for many. You want to make sure you find a situation that they will be happy and comfortable with. You should take plenty of time to explore different options. If you are looking into different communities, you should be thorough and tour the facilities to get a better understanding of what it will be like living there. At this time, you may also consider your own living situation. It might be best to be living nearby so you can visit your loved one often and provide them with support when necessary. 

Make a Plan for Moving

Before your loved one moves to dependent care, you should make a plan for the move. To start off, you should go through their belongings and consolidate them. Keep only the necessities that they will be able to take with them. If your loved one has many sentimental items, perhaps you and other family members can store them for your loved one. Once you’ve consolidated their belongings, make a plan for how you will move everything, who will be helping, and what you will need to do in order to move into the new community. 

The more you prepare, the easier the transition will be for both you and your loved one. Make sure you keep them thoroughly involved so you find a situation you are both happy with. With the right amount of preparation, you can be in a better position to provide support.

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