How to Make Yourself More Hireable in the Home Repair Industry


Entering a new job field is an exciting time, but it can also be a time with many unknowns. Those of you starting in the home repair industry need a bit more preparation than others. Whether you want to become a plumber, a carpenter, or a handyman, there are universal steps you can take to grow your business.

Gain Experience

One of the first things looked at by potential customers is your experience. Experience is equal to how much they can trust you. However, when you are just starting you might not have years of experience under your tool belt. As a result, the experience you do have should be worthwhile. According to Handyman Startup, this includes following a mentor in your preferred field, volunteering your services, and getting training from a vocational school. Every customer, house, and situation will be different, but regardless of how you specialize, experience helps you be prepared.

Get a Higher Certification

Along with more experience, higher certification gives you the credentials to back up your skills. For example, according to Podium, master plumbers undergo years of experience to become licensed. Your state might even require certification and a license to work. You can also become licensed in multiple states by getting a national license for home contractors. As you broaden your specializations, you can continue to get more licenses and offer more services, making you a one-stop shop for any customer’s home repair needs.

Grow Online

In this day and age, most people will not look through the yellow pages or even the mailed advertisements that ultimately end up in the recycling. The way to get noticed by new customers and keep loyal customers is by growing your online presence. According to Shout Me Loud, this can be through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, where customers can see pictures of and read stories about your repairs. You can also set up a website where you can list your services and encourage customers to leave reviews. Once your online presence grows, your likelihood of showing up on a search engine increases and so will your customer base.

Overall, your passion for your home repair business will separate you from your competition. Customers look to hire someone who they can trust, and the only proof they have comes from your experience, certification, and reviews. Help yourself become more hireable and build your presence in your community starting today.

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