How to Make Your Home More Accommodating to Guests


Owning a home makes you a natural magnet for friends and family to come visit you. Especially around the holidays, parties and overnight stays are common. Keep reading for ideas on how you can make your home more accommodating for guests.

Add a Guest Room and Bath

One of the most welcoming things you can do for your guests is having a designated room and bath for them. Guests love spending time with you, but it is important that they feel they have their own space to unwind and relax. Making a designated guest room and bath can create an area of seclusion that will make you and your guests more comfortable. If your bedrooms are all in use, consider adding an extension or repurposing the garage. You can also divide a larger space to create two rooms out of one. In the guest area of the house, be sure to provide the essentials like clean linens and bathroom supplies.

Open Up Your Floor Plan

When hosting guests, an open floor plan is advantageous for multiple reasons. An open plan opens the space and makes it feel bigger. With a bigger space, you increase the amount of light that is let in. This can make guests feel more comfortable and confident in your home. An open plan also improves traffic flow because there are multiple routes people can take to get from one area of the house to another. Hosting parties with an open floor plan is much easier because it makes communication easier while keeping an eye on your guests. Open floor plans are perfect for hosting small parties and game nights for guests to socialize and have seamless conversations.

Create a Kitchen Bar

Have you ever noticed that no matter the size of your kitchen, that is where everyone gathers? Your kitchen is the heart of the home. Because of this, there are certain things you can do to create an entertaining space for those that gather there. A kitchen bar is a stylish and functional addition to any home. The bar helps to separate the kitchen from the living or dining room, especially in an open floor plan. With additional counter space to prepare and serve food, a bar is the perfect addition for your home. Creating a kitchen bar will help you better serve your guests. Multiple people can gather around, socialize, and be in the kitchen without running under foot.

Add a Deck to Your Backyard

Adding a deck to your backyard can expand your living space in stylish and practical ways. A deck gives you more space to relax and lets you throw parties at your home. Summer activities, game nights and barbeques are perfect when held in your backyard. The addition of a deck gives a great transitional place to go from your home to the outside. Your deck can serve many practical uses and become a place of enjoyment. By adding lights, firepits, grills, and planters, you can make your backyard an oasis for you and your guests.

Add Layers of Pillows and Blankets

Everyone prefers different temperatures for comfort. Some individuals are always hot, and some are always cold. You can accommodate the unique needs of your guests and make your home feel more cozy by adding different layers of pillows and blankets. Layering decor elements like pillows and blankets can also help with your interior design. Invest in pillows of different shapes and sizes, and blankets with different colors and textures. This will make your home more comfortable and inviting for your guests.

Keep Snacks on Hand

Everyday routines easily get messed up when guests come over. You may be someone that skips or eats a later breakfast, and your guest may have a completely different routine. Or vice versa. This can be difficult when planning mealtimes and an itinerary. For your guests, it is wise to keep your pantry stocked with snacks, drinks, and breakfast foods on hand. Make sure your guests know where they can get a clean glass and water. This will mitigate your need to constantly monitor your guests needs and will make your guests feel comfortable accessing food and drinks when they are hungry.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Furnishing your home can be an expensive and overwhelming process. With so many things to think about including price, quality, and craftsmanship, it can be difficult to make a decision. When buying furniture, it is best to only buy what you need. Don’t worry about furnishing your home all at once. Your home will naturally fill up as you add furniture along the way.

However, when shopping for furniture, it is wise to look for high quality, comfortable furniture. Comfortable furniture is especially important in your guest rooms. With quality furniture, your guests will naturally feel more relaxed. It is much easier to enjoy long hours talking with each other or getting a good night’s rest when the furniture lets you sink in. Comfy furniture also makes a place feel more inviting and homier.

Use Storage Solutions

Items in your home can quickly overwhelm the space you have. When you have clutter, it can make a space feel messy and cramped. Coming up with storage solutions will help you make a place for everything in your home. Storage opens the room and makes the space feel clean. Organization can also save you time because you know where objects are and can locate them easily. This is especially important when hosting guests because navigating your home is easier for them. Examine your current living space and find ways you can creatively open and organize your home for guests.

When hosting guests, you want to make your home as inviting as possible. Guests feel most welcome when there are spaces intentionally prepared for them. Make your home an intentional space to host with clean and open areas. This will make your home accommodating for holidays and any other occasion you find yourself a host.

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