How to Make Sure the Youth in Your Life Succeed

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At some point in your life, you were once a child or a teenager. Do you remember some of the insecurities, doubts, and fears you felt at that time? Many youth face a lot of the same emotions and negative thoughts you once did, but there are ways that you can help them succeed.

Encourage Them to Achieve

Kids and teenagers will respond better to positive rather than negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement will help them build self-confidence in their own capacity to succeed, eventually making it a reality for them. One way that you can use positive reinforcement is by talking positively about challenges

You can help them see that challenges are helping them think in new ways instead of berating them for not figuring out a problem fast enough. This narrative helps youth to realize that they can work through hard things and achieve their goals.

Be a Mentor

Sometimes kids and teenagers can get discouraged when they can’t imagine how exactly they are going to succeed in the future. A mentor can be a great help to encourage youth. This is because a mentor is physical proof that young people can grow up and be happy, successful adults. 

Youth that have a mentor see improved life outcomes. As a person who has lived through adolescence, you have the potential to be a great mentor. When mentoring young people, you can draw from your experiences during adolescence and empathize with them. Youth that feel understood are more likely to open up and listen to advice.

Help Them Find Their Passions

If a young person enjoys something that they are doing, they are more likely to work harder at it and be successful in it. Everyone’s passions may be different since each person has unique talents and interests. Don’t try to force your own passions onto children or teenagers in your life. Instead, help them to find their own passions. Some ways to do this are through extracurriculars and trying out different activities with them. Always make sure to get their input on different activities and listen closely to see what stands out to them.

While you are helping the youth in your life succeed, remember that success may look very different for different people. No two children will succeed in exactly the same way. Helping young people succeed in their own way is incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming to experience.

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