How to Make Sure Insurance Companies Pay What They Owe


The harsh consequences of an accident can be devastating to your finances and your health. Insurance companies should be there to cover such injuries but oftentimes can try to skimp out on the full amount you deserve for your settlement. To be sure your damages are fully paid, keep these three things in mind when dealing with your insurance company.

Keep Records

When filing a claim, the first thing you will need to do is send the appropriate records detailing the incident in question. Without all the necessary documentation, according to NOLO, your insurance company may find loopholes or even flat-out deny your claim based on a lack of evidence. On the other hand, they may also ask for additional records. Make sure to get a copy of everything applicable, down to the police report of a car crash or proof of the vehicle’s value. The more records you keep, the easier time you will have giving full proof of what reparations you deserve.

Consult a Lawyer

Of course, not having enough records is not the only way an insurance company can avoid your claim. For particularly sticky situations, you may need to consult a lawyer, especially if you feel the settlement offered is lower than it should be. According to Rogers Beltran, insurance companies are less likely to pay when you represent yourself, generally, so hiring a lawyer simply for that reason will usually be worth it. They can also help you not fall into certain traps insurance companies set up—such as waiting out the statute of limitations or having you sign forms that inadvertently waive your rights to reimbursement.

Know Your Policy

According to Smart About Money, you should know going into submitting a claim just exactly what is in your specific insurance policy and what it covers. Insurance companies can even get crafty and tell you that your incident is not covered by the policy you have, so make sure you’ve read the fine print so you can fully defend yourself. If you’re unsure, of course, it may also be a good idea to have a lawyer look over your policy and the records of the accident to give you an idea of what you are entitled to. They will be honest with you and can help you defend yourself against your insurance provider.

The paperwork following an accident can feel endless on top of all the other resulting pains, but your insurance claim is the biggest one to worry about. Insurance companies may try at times to swindle you out of the reimbursement you deserve. With preparatory actions, however, you can make sure your settlement helps you as much as it’s supposed to!

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