How to Land a Job With a Weak Resume


The best jobs that we want the most can sometimes be quite hard to obtain. If you’re relatively new to the working world, this can especially be true. Your lack of experience in a given field can hurt your chances. Here are some things you can do to improve those odds a little bit.

Be More Specific

Part of having a good resume is talking yourself up. That might be hard for some humbler people to do, but it’s very important to do. It’s also important to do it right. You don’t want to brag; you want to specifically state what skills you are bringing to the table. Lacking experience in a field doesn’t mean that you don’t have skills, after all – it’s just going to be a little bit trickier to show them how. Use specific examples from experiences that you have had to demonstrate why you have relevant skills to the job in question. Be creative in applying your experiences in this way if you need to.

Leverage Your Network

It’s a well-known fact that the number one way to get a job is to have a friend who already works there recommend you. Your network is your greatest ally when it comes to job searching for that exact reason; personal connections can do more than your application or resume can when seeking a job. If the employer trusts your associate, they will have no reason to doubt their recommendation. You probably would still need to go through the interview process, but you most likely would be granted that interview without problems (unless something on your resume was truly egregious).

Prepare for the Interview

The interview is your true time to shine. As important as a resume can be, the interview is your opportunity to connect on a human level. You’re face to face, talking about your strengths and weaknesses and motivations – so if you want to make an impression that contrasts your lack of experience, now is the time to do it. Dress appropriately for the interview (which will be distinct for different companies). Make eye contact. Smile and be confident. Make sure to research what kinds of typical questions will be asked and practice your answers beforehand.


Each job interview and each application is a process that ultimately is beyond your control. You present your best self as eloquently as you can, and then you relinquish the results to those responsible. You may or may not get the job – and that’s okay. There will be other opportunities.

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