How to Get Your Patio Summer-Ready


Some of the best summer memories come from spending long summer evenings in the comfort of your patio. But if your patio isn’t ready for the summer season you may not be able to enjoy it as well as you should. Taking a little time up front to prepare your patio for use during the summer months will help you to get more out of your patio and your outdoor entertaining space all summer long.

Clean Up

The first step towards getting your patio ready for use all summer is to clean up the space as well as possible. The winter season takes a toll on outdoor spaces and can leave them messy and unwelcoming, so taking a little time to tidy your space can help you to make the space more usable. Getting rid of yard waste and debris is a good starting point for your patio cleanup, and if the space has become overly dirty power washing may help you to get it looking as good as new.

Pull Weeds

Depending on the kind of material your patio is made of you may be facing a weed problem at the beginning of your summer. Getting rid of weeds will help your patio to look better and can also prevent damage to your patio. If your patio is made up of separate pavers you will want to weed between each block, but if your patio is a solid surface you can probably focus on the edges. Weeds can sometimes grow between planks on a wooden patio, so it’s important to do a thorough search and catch every weed you can. Taking care of weeds around your patio will help you to keep your landscaping looking great for the summer.

Add Lights

While every patio is a great place to spend summer days you need good lighting to be able to use your patio into the night. Different kinds of lights can help serve different purposes for your patio. Strong overhead lighting can give you the light to complete projects or play games late at night, whereas strings of party lights can bring a festive feel to your patio. You may want to use multiple kinds of lighting, so your patio is as useful and beautiful as possible. Choose a lighting scheme that will keep your patio well-lit in the night while also creating a unique ambience.

Put Out New Furniture

Getting new patio furniture can totally transform your patio space and make it feel like an exciting oasis in your own backyard. It’s important to think about the type and style of patio furniture you use so you have functional furniture that can stand the test of time and look great through the summer months. You shouldn’t leave wood furniture in the sun, so another kind would be ideal. There are many nice plastic patio furniture options available and you can find patio furniture to fit pretty much any style. Think about the kind of experience you want guests to have on your patio and choose furniture that helps to cultivate that experience.

Add a Water Feature

One of the most important things for a patio during the summer is that it helps you to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors. A water feature gives you a great opportunity to make your patio more comfortable while also adding visual interest. A fountain or pond is a great addition to any patio and can add entertainment value to your space in addition to naturally cooling the air around it. Choosing a low maintenance water feature can make your life easier and require less effort from you throughout the summer. Remember that most water features will require some sort of adjustments for the winter, so make sure you plan in advance.

Bring in Shade

The summer months are known for being hot, and your patio won’t be as much use to you if it’s too hot to enjoy it. Adding shade to your patio will make the space more useful so you can spend time out there without overheating even on the hottest days. Adding plant life to your patio is one way to bring in shade and naturally cool the space. You can also use an artificial shade to cool the area, especially if you have a large space that is difficult to cover with plants. Having a balance between these two options can give you the best of both worlds and ensure that every part of your patio has shade.

Go All out with an Outdoor Kitchen

If you really want to make your patio into something special an outdoor kitchen can bring it to the next level. Cooking in the summer gets hot, but an outdoor kitchen allows you to keep the heat outside. An outdoor kitchen can be simple, with just a nice barbeque and counterspace. Or it can be more comprehensive and even include conveniences like a dishwasher. Having a separate set of dishes for outside can make cleaning up easier when you entertain, so building in sufficient storage space will really help your outdoor kitchen.

Make Repairs

Your patio will likely take a lot of wear and tear over the years, so it’s important to make repairs and do regular maintenance before each summer. It is easier to take care of problems when they are small, so taking care of maintenance each year will save you time and money. Common issues include cracked cement and fading wood stain. Luckily both of these issues are pretty easy to take care of, especially if you make them a priority at the beginning of the summer.

Your patio can be an exciting space for you to entertain loved ones and have fun all summer long. Taking the time to work on your patio before summer begins will help you to get the most out of your patio space. Take it one step at a time, so that you can complete all of your tasks without getting overwhelmed and make sure to take breaks and enjoy your outdoor entertaining space.

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