How to Get to Banff National Park from the U.S.


Banff National Park is the oldest National Park in Canada, founded in 1885, and it is one of the most beautiful parks in all of North America. Banff is located in the Alberta Rocky Mountains, just outside of Calgary. There are many different forest type landscapes, as well as large icefields and glaciers. This includes the beautiful Columbia Icefield, the largest uninterrupted glacial mass in the Rockies. And if you are trying to get to Banff from the U.S., then you have a couple of options. Here is how you can get to Banff National Park from the United States simply.

Fly to Calgary

The first way to get to Banff National Park from the United States is to fly to Calgary. There are direct and indirect flights to and from Calgary to many of the major airports across the United States. This means that you are never farther than a few hours by plane from Calgary in the U.S., no matter what state you live in. Flying into Calgary can be efficient if you live particularly far from Calgary, whether in the Southwest, Southeast or East Coast, where other methods of transportation are impractical.

Rent a Car

The next way that you can get to Banff National Park from the United States is by renting. Car and driving. You won’t have to go through Calgary to get to Banff if you’re driving, which can be a shorter trip if you live in the northwest or western United States. You can drive to Canada with a rental car, but you need to notify the company in advance. When you are booking, tell the rental company you are choosing that you intend to drive to Banff, in Canada, and they will let you know what changes to expect.

Take a Train

The final way that you can get to Banff from the U.S. is by taking a train to Banff National Park. There is a train that goes from Vancouver to Banff, so you will first need to fly or drive to Vancouver to get there. Vancouver is relatively close to Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, so it can be easier for those in PNW to get to Vancouver and then take a scenic train to Banff.

Banff is one of the most beautiful Parks anywhere in the world. And for those in the United States, Banff couldn’t be easier to get to. Take any of these three methods and you will get to Banff quickly and simply.

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