How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule to Achieve a Better Night Sleep


Few things are more important to one’s mental and physical health than a good night’s rest. But some people have an incredibly hard time actually falling asleep. By implementing specific habits into your nighttime routine, you can clear your mind and feel more prepared when your head hits the pillow.

Tire Out Your Body

Have you ever met a parent who takes their kid out to the park with the hopes they will tucker themselves out? You may want to approach your own body in the same way. If your body is physically exhausted, you will feel more motivated to shut your eyes for a commute to dreamland.

Exercise every day—particularly in the evening hours before you try to sleep. Evening walks in the neighborhood or late night trips to the gym can gradually get you in shape and help get your body ready for rest. As you sleep more, you will be more prepared for exercise later on.

Relax Your Mind

For some people, physical exercise is just not enough for a fulfilling sleep experience. You have to actively engage yourself in creating an environment for sleep. Getting ready to sleep needs to involve more than brushing your teeth and jumping under the covers. To fall asleep relatively quickly, you want to begin relaxing on your mattress about an hour before bedtime.

This means you need to set down your phone and “unplug” from tech after a certain hour. This helps your brain settle down more. Watching or reading controversial material can also put you on alert, so keep away from that if you’ve had insomnia issues.

Settle Your Stomach

While some people really enjoy their midnight snacks, they could be doing a lot to keep you up at night. Eating big meals late at night stimulates your digestive tract, which may keep you alert and awake as the night goes on. For this reason, many doctors recommend not eating anything an hour before you go to bed.

Avoid drinking caffeine and other stimulants later in the day. While it may cause a headache, these will be resolved by sleeping more—which you now will be able to do. Switching your eating habits to an earlier dinner can be a practical way to live your life.

Your sleep schedule can be fixed, it just takes a conscious effort. As you implement some of these plans, think of how much more well-rested you can be. It will always pay off in the end.

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